How to Make Your Business Stand Out at Vendor Events and Pop-Up Shops

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats—you’re a maker, a CEO, and a marketer, all rolled into one. You’ve probably gone to a vendor event, pop up shop, or street fair and found it hard to stand out among all of the other great businesses. Luckily, you can get your products noticed and increase your sales at these events with just a few easy steps.

1. Build Excitement Online

Getting your booth noticed at vendor events starts long before the event takes place. Use your digital marketing to help build hype around your appearance and brand. Email blasts tell your customers where and when they can find you, and you can offer a special deal or promotion to make sure they show up and shop. Promoting the event on your social media will also introduce other event attendees to your brand before they even see you, getting them excited for what’s to come.

2. Create Height

In order to make your vendor table stand out, your product display needs to be visible and easily accessible. Too often, vendors simply lay out their products, making them hard to see from across a busy room. Adding height to your display can be a great way to create an eye-catching booth. Use crates, shelves, and boxes to stack products and signs on. You can even get creative and place your product on items like cake stands or in vases for added visual interest.

3. Network with Other Vendors

Vendor events are as much about networking with other entrepreneurs as they are about selling to customers. Get to know other small business owners in your area, and if it makes sense for your brands, it can be mutually beneficial to promote each other’s brands and products at events and online. You’ll both gain a wider customer base and generate some goodwill in the process.

If you’re ready to see these steps in action, why not RSVP to attend the SCULPT’D Creative Service’s Vend ‘N Mix event happening Aug. 26 in Brooklyn? Entrepreneurs from all over New York City will be featured, and yours can be one of them. Come out and join your fellow small business owners for a fun night of mixing, mingling, and shopping.



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